Willapa Bay Lead Entity for Salmon Recovery – Water Resource Inventory Area 24

The Willapa Bay Lead Entity meets the first Tuesday of every month from 5-7pm. We alternate meeting locations between the Pacific Conservation District Office, 904 W. Robert Bush Drive in South Bend, WA and the Pacific County – S. County Administrative Building, 7016 Sandridge Road in Long Beach, WA.

Willapa Bay area residents are committed to maintaining healthy salmon populations while balancing landowner goals and sustaining local economies for the citizens of Willapa Bay. The Salmon Recovery Funding Board (SRFB) formed locally-based Lead Entities for Salmon Recovery in 1999. Pacific County took on this role for the Willapa Bay watershed. The County contracts with the Pacific Conservation District (District) to coordinate the Willapa Bay Lead Entity. The Lead Entity develops salmon recovery strategies appropriate for the area and is responsible for the local review, prioritization and recommendation of salmon recovery project proposals for the annual SRFB grant round (Willapa Bay LE 2020 SRFB grant schedule DRAFT – Option 2 Late) within the Willapa Bay Watershed.  

The Willapa Bay Lead Entity is made up of two committees with distinct roles.

  1. The Citizens Committee – This committee is made up of representatives from “counties, cities, conservation districts, tribes, environmental groups, business interests, landowners, citizens, volunteer groups, regional fish enhancement groups, and other habitat interests” as established in RCW 77.85.050. The Citizen’s Committee is charged with ensuring that projects funded by SRFB dollars fit the recovery strategy and are supported by the local community. The Committee sets the final ranking for project funding recommendations based on the technical scores and other factors.
  1. The Technical Advisory Group (TAG) – is an advisory group to the Citizen’s Committee and is composed of agency staff and other experts who have local knowledge of salmon recovery needs. The TAG develops and updates the recovery strategy and recommends changes to the Citizen’s Committee. It evaluates proposed projects based on their technical merit and alignment with the strategy and provides a score for each project to the Citizen’s Committee.

The WRIA 24 currently holds vacancies in:

Environmental Groups representatives.

If you would like to join the committee or would like more information regarding this group please contact the WRIA 24 LE Coordinator Tom Kollasch at tkollasch@willapabay.org