Programs and Activities


Forestry assistance from yard trees to large wooded acreages is available to Private Non-Industrial Landowners of Pacific County’s, and surrounding counties of Southwest Washington, through the Grays Harbor-Pacific Conservation District’s Forest Stewardship Program. Click on ‘Forestry‘ and read more!

Family Forest Fish Passage Program

The Grays Harbor & Pacific Conservation Districts are authorized to act as a sponsors for FFFPP projects, within their respective counties. Read more about FFFPP!  Be sure to find the great video about the program!

Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program

Technical assistance for CREP projects is also available through the PCD. Read more about CREP!

Salmon Recovery Fund Board

The Grays Harbor & Pacific Conservation Districts are authorized to act as a sponsors for SRF Board projects within their respective counties. Read more about SRF Board!  Lots of great videos and information here!


The Grays Harbor & Pacific Conservation Districts are also happy to provide Cost-Sharing Programs for eligible conservation practices and needs; as funding is available.

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